Whether you require a full wheel refurbishment or the replacement of a broken spoke, here at Altech Wheels we provide a number of services.


If you have an aluminium alloy rim that is looking untidy or if you fancy a change of colour we can anodise it for you in black, orange, silver, red, blue or gold.
Anodise 4Jul08 063.jpg
If the rim is heavily scratched, marked or pitted these imperfections will still be visible after the anodising process, although obviously they will be the same colour as the anodising.  The usual rule of thumb is that if you can feel a scratch by rubbing your fingernail across the surface, you will be able to see the scratch after anodizing.
For most customers, this is not usually an issue.  However, if you would like the rims to be scratch and mark free they will need mechanical polishing to remove surface marks.  We are able to do this, although extra costs are involved.  It should be noted that deep scratches can be reduced, but not entirely removed as too much removal can affect the integrity of the rim. 
If your rims are currently anodised (which most are) chemical etching is needed to remove the old anodise before re-anodising.  This results in a slightly duller finish.  Again, not a problem for most customers but should you require a shiny gloss finish the rims will need mechanical polishing in between the etching and re-anodising processes.  Please let us know if you require a gloss finish and we can quote accordingly.
In some cases, it may be more cost effective and produce a better finish by powder coating the rims.  We can advice and quote for both processes.  

Powder Coating

We can powder coat you rims, hubs and other parts in almost any colour.   
All our powder coating is undetaken by a local specialist company, Redditch Shotblasting.  These guys are the best in the business and as our partners, they offer a fast and high quality service.  Their preperation and finish is second to none.          


We only use the best British manufactured stainless steel spokes to build and repair wheels.  
SS Spokes.jpgSS Black Spokes Orange nipple.jpg
For motocross and enduro bikes we use 'Bulldog' stainless spokes.  These are heavy duty spokes designed specifically to take the big hits.  'Bulldog' stainless spokes come with nickel plated steel nipples as standard but coloured anodised nipples are available at an additional cost. 


We generally use SM Pro alloy and SM Pro Platinum alloy rims, but can also supply Excel rims if you would prefer.  For classic and road bikes we use CWC and Morad rims supplied in stainless steel, chrome plated or polished alloy.
    smproplatinumblack_948_detail.jpg  smproplatinumorange_1273_detail.jpg

Additional Services

If you need new wheel bearings we are happy to supply and fit them for you.  We only use genuine SKF, FAG or Koyo bearings supplied direct to us from a local bearing shop.